7 Renovating Tips That Add Tremendous Value To Your Home

7 Renovating Tips That Add Tremendous Value To Your Home

Selling a home? Find out how to increase the value of your home with these 7 remolding tips that will be worth your time and money.

Remolding your home takes up a lot of time and money so make sure that you are ready and prepared for the task. It is important to know what renovations will yield a higher price so that when it comes time to sell your home you are prepared to ask for a higher price.

You will want to make the best home improvements for your home to increase the value and possibly sell for a higher price. However, before you decide on a remodeling project, assess the cost first before assessing the value. Furthermore, figure out if the renovations you want to improve are worth your time and money.

So with that being said, what renovations make the biggest impact on the value of a home? Century Properties Real Estate agency lists the renovation projects that make the greatest impact on the value of your home. Below are 7 renovating tips that will add value to your home.

Build Another Room or Space

Consider building another room or space in your home to add value and to increase the square footage of your home. Invest in materials and details that will enhance the character and value of your home.

Any kind of expansion, whether a new bathroom, bedroom, living room, or any other space you want will have a huge impact on the value of your home. Increasing the square footage of your home will definitely increase the value of your home. Interested homebuyers will more than likely buy your home if the square footage of your home is increased.

Renovate The Kitchen

The kitchen is the most important feature of a home so functionality should be your top priority. Remodeling your kitchen can be a fun and exciting project especially when it meets your desires and needs.

According to the National Association of the Remodeling Industry’s 2019 impact report states that homeowners who sell their home can recover 52% of the kitchen upgrade.

Remodling your kitchen with new appliances and bathrooms with new plumbing fixtures is a must.

There are many new trends of kitchen renovations out there that include wine refrigerators, drawer-style microwaves, dishwashers, hidden outlets, and commercial-style ranges.

Remodel Your Bathroom

Any updated features to your bathroom is a major selling point for interested buyers. Adding sleek surfaces to your bathroom will make cleaning an easy task that will enhance the value of your home. According to the NARI impact report, homeowners can recover 57% of the bathroom.

If your home has only one bathroom or one and a half, adding a shower or another bathroom for guests will increase the value of your home. Consider adding another restroom to your home with a tub or shower to increase the value and many homebuyers will consider purchasing your home if it has at least two complete restrooms.

Renovate The HVAC

Your home heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) are the main components of your home. Maintaining these are crucial for your home. In addition, realtors estimate that homeowners can recover 85% of the HVAC replacement if they sell their home.

Buyers are shocked to find the heater, ventilation, and air conditioning components old and in bad shape. Studies have shown that millennials are unwilling to update their old HVAC systems even if the seller is offering a warranty to compensate for the old HVAC systems. No one wants to be a buy a home that has an old heater, ventilation, and air conditioning components that are old and in bad shape. So consider updating the HVAC systems in your home so that your home is working properly and it will add value to your house.

Enhance The Outdoor Space

Adding more character to your outdoor space will add value to your home and give your home a relaxing and exciting atmosphere for get-to-together and BBQs. The budget for your home should not matter in order to update the porch, patio, or backyard. Consider the details and renovating components you want and desire for your backyard, patio, or porch so that it will add value and you might sell your home quicker than you thought.

Just like in the old days, a front porch or screened-in areas for shade are still in demand today. A backyard patio or screened-in porch that includes an outdoor kitchen with a built-in grill and fridge makes a great addition to your outdoor entertainment space. A nice comfortable seating for your backyard will entice buyers to your home and they will most likely purchase right on the spot. You should also consider adding a pool to your backyard, many families are interested in purchasing homes with pools for entertainment and a relaxing atmosphere.

Make Your Home Accessible

Homes should be renovated with universal designs. Create a room or space that is accessible for all ages, sizes, and physical abilities. Before you start a renovating project, take into consideration the user’s tastes, preferences, and capabilities.

If your home is renovated to be more accessible, your home will be more marketable to buyers, more welcoming to guests, and you won’t have to move out as you age. A few examples of these renovating projects include changing a tub into a shower, clearing the shower into a step-less entrance, and widening doorways. You can also add a door to the back or the side of your home.

Update The Light Fixtures

Renovating the lights in your home adds value and is the simplest way to add character to your home. Changing the lighting in your living room to a warm light can create a feeling of relaxation, be more user friendly, and inviting to guests. Always consider the design and function of your fixtures when choosing the right lights for the rooms.

Updated light fixtures of interior and exterior lighting are available at big box stores and online retailers. If you decide to buy lighting fixtures online, make sure that the item you are purchasing is not damaged. Also, make sure the lighting fixtures are working properly. Updating the lighting fixtures will give your home character and make it very appealing to buyers while also adding tremendous value to your home.

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