How to Deal with Bad Neighbors

Wondering how in the world to deal with your bad neighbors? Look no further. Moving into the home of your dreams only to learn that your new neighbors are straight out of your worst nightmare is a huge is a vibe killer, but you still have to smile and bite your tongue to keep the peace.

I have good news! It doesn’t have to be this way. With a few tips and pointers, this non-existent relationship will flourish into something you could have never imagined! Sit back and take notes while I fill you in on the details!

Steps to Dealing with Bad Neighbors

Although bad neighbors are a pain in the “you know what”, the best thing to do is try to squash the problem before it becomes something major. Here are some steps to help you along the way.

#1) Evaluate the Problem

The first thing to do when attempting to deal with those pesky neighbors in a positive way is to evaluate the problem. Why are you having problems in the first place? Is it something you have done or are they just being picky? In order to figure this part out, ask yourself some questions.

  • Are you the quiet neighbor with minimal noise or do you tend to be on the loud side and frequently have company? It’s important to ask yourself this because it’s a major cause of quarrels between neighbors.
  • Do your pets bark a lot, or are they quiet inside dogs. Again, this is one major cause for neighborly feuds.
  • Do you keep your yard clean and appealing to the eye? Some neighbors feel that a messy yard will cause problems for them, aside from the fact that it’s a major eyesore.
  • Are you respecting property lines? They’re there for a reason and it’s a quick way to make an enemy of your neighbor.
  • Do you do things just to get back at them? This is the worst thing you can do if you want to squash your problems with your neighbors.

#2) Create a Friendly Atmosphere and Vibe for your Neighbor.

Speak to your neighbor when you see him/her out. If you see they need a hand, help them. It takes nothing to create a friendly vibe with your neighbor, and in the process, they’ll learn that you aren’t as bad as they initially thought.

#3) Expect the Best From your Bad Neighbor

With any situation in life, if you always expect bad, that’s what you’ll get. If you think negatively about everything your neighbor does or says, that’s going to make you feel more negatively about them and make it harder to make friends with them.

#4) Listen to Complaints from your Neighbor and Try to Work With them.

I understand it’s hard, but if you listen to any complaints your neighbor has about you, it will show them that you are trying to compromise. Sometimes, that’s the only option you have. A neighbor that’s willing to compromise is a neighbor you want to keep because the neighbor that takes your place may be 10X worse (and vise versa).

#5) Document Everything

Neighborly feuds have the tendency to end bad. For this reason, you should document everything that occurs, good and bad, just in case.

The Importance of Getting Along With Your Neighbor

Unfortunately, the best thing to do is attempt to get along with your neighbor. You are stuck with each other, so just try to make the very best of the situation.


With these 5 tips, you and your neighbor should be able to get past whatever is causing the problems. As long as you work together, you will be able to not only get past the problems, but you may even be able to create a healthy friendship with them! Good Luck!!

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